KaiZen®RD EMR Outcomes!

Join our Team of KaiZen®RD Dietitians who saw 14,333 patients in 30,719 visits and in an average of only 2 visits, patients experienced 2.6 pounds of weight lost, 14.8 decrease in FBS, 10.2 drop in Cholesterol, 6.57 drop in LDL and 24.9 drop in TG!

FREE Insurance Billing !

KaiZen®RD EMR produces the bill you upload to a free billing clearinghouse while you are with your patient. No need to pay a biller or spend time after your visits entering information into a billing system. The PQRS is super simplified so you do not experience Medicare fines!

More FREE time for you...


KaiZen®RD Forms

All the forms that you need for your practice are included: PQRS, HCFA 1500 Form, HIPAA, Signature on File, Initial Nutrition Assessment and Follow-ups, Pediatric and Eating Disorder Assessments, LEAP, Meal Plans and much more...

KaiZen®RD Reports

Patient Recommendations and Physician ADIME and SOAP Notes, Meal Plans all which are easily customizable to your practice.

AND Outcomes reports that document your effectiveness!


Little Lion

The little lion in you can grow and roar and become the big lion that you are because you are much bigger than you think you are.